Multicolour French Manicure

Multicolour French Manicure

Good Morning! How are you? We just can’t stop thinking about how we can bring exciting colours to our manicures at this time of the year. We keep wondering what colour shall we choose to achieve that fresh and fun manicure to add some colour...

Imagen propiedad MIA Laurens Paris

Geometric Manicures

Good Morning! How are you today? We are pleased that finally, officially at least, the spring has arrived. As you already know we do not like extremes: dark colours for winter or light colours for spring? This is not always the case, so today we...

Imagen propiedad MIA Laurens Paris

Spring: Rose Quartz

March has finally arrived and with it, the long-awaited spring!. Although in our last post we talked about darker colours, more suitable for autumn and winter, today we wanted to think about blue skies and wonderful weather, so we prepared a cheerful and lively manicure,...

Herramientas Nail Art MIA Laurens Paris

Nail Art tools

Since we started this blog, we have looked at many different types of manicure. We have provided tutorials and shared tips with you, using MIA Laurens Paris nail polish. However, we still need to discuss all the relevant nail tools too. Here, we will share with...

Base Coat MIA Laurens Paris

Tips & tricks for a longer lasting manicure

If there is anything we ladies do not like, it is getting our new manicure ruined in 2 days! there is a way for you to avoid this, and we will tell you how. As a 5-free nail varnish, MIA Laurens Paris offers a longer wear...

Top Coat MIA Laurens Paris

How to achieve a longer manicure: strenghten base and top coat

This time we will be giving you some tips & tricks on how have a longer manicure. Let’s start with the basics: Strenghten Base and Top Coat!. [caption id="attachment_518" align="aligncenter" width="1024"] Image property of MIA Laurens-Paris[/caption] Strenghten Base Before we start applying colour we must use a strenghten base....

filosofia MIA 5free

5-free quality

You might have never heard of the 5-free quality seal before which is why we thought it was important to explain it to you. We take nail care very seriously, MIA nail polish is 5 FREE*, this means we never add the following harmful ingredients: Formaldehyde: chemically...

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